Eureka! The Purge is Complete

My studio is now ready for work to begin again. Even the closets and drawers are organized! But I’m not going to bore you with that. Stay tuned.

5 Reasons I’m glad to be almost done with my purge

Tilda Fabric Shopping

I`m glad to be almost done with my purge for the following reasons: 1. The recycling and garbage men no longer call for backup as they approach my front yard; 2. I no longer have to order new stabilizer for each order, as my supply is now organized and easily accessible; 3. The phone calls […]

How it gets worse before it gets better – stories of my purge

Studio Stage 2

There is no doubt about it – reorganization and purging stuff gets 1000 times worse before it gets better. The fun part about the process is the discovery of those crazy precious things you thought were forever lost 1. the boxer shorts pattern – boxers make great pj’s for women. Perfect discovery since I can […]

Confessions of a Post Holiday Machine Embroiderer

Embroidery Studio Pre-purge

Like many of you, the New Year is a time for thinking about what you did well and not well over the past year and about what you want to do differently in the new year. Last year I made a leap of faith and left one job and started to pursue my passion of […]

How to say thank you to your host

Machine Embroidered Hostess Hand Towel

Whether you are visiting friends or just want to decorate your own home, here are a couple of towels that were machine embroidered with seasonal designs. These towels are in the mail to a friend who is having lots of family around this holiday. Happy Holidays to you all.

Christmas Tree Trimming at Our House

Lace Snowflake

How do you trim your Christmas tree? Every year, we wait until it is freezing cold and then go to the local nursery to choose our tree. Once we carry the tree in (the ‘we’ is poetic license), the challenge is to get the tree to be straight in the stand. Out comes the box […]